In July 2007 I started donating pet beds to the Arizona Humane Society Second Chance Hospital. I thought it would be more comfortable to be healing from injuries, surgeries, and illnesses on a cushiony pillow vs an old towel or blanket.  Although I can no longer make pet beds like I used to, I want to encourage other animal lovers to donate their time and resources to making these animals as comfortable as possible. Please click on the Pet Bed Recipe link to learn how to make these pillows yourself. I can't adopt every homeless animal out there either, but by keeping them comfortable and warm, I can do my part to "love them all". Contact me if you would like to help!

http://www.petside.com/photos/top-10-lists/25-pet-people-of-2010-/1-dr-leslie-capin.php#gallery  I am honored to be featured as #24.

Phyllis Popp - designer/creator


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"Saving the world, one homeless animal at a time"